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Weekly News Update: June 3rd Edition

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

By Mayhah Suri

Dish of crabs, corn and cantaloupe (Edwin Remsberg).

Gov. Hogan Vetoes Renewable Energy Bill, Lets Pesticide Curb, Oyster Study Become Law Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed a bill Friday that would have required the state’s electricity suppliers to get more power from renewable sources, but allowed two other environmental bills — one restricting pesticide use and another requiring a study of oyster harvests — to become law without his signature. To read the full story click here:

Ownership and Protections of Farm Data Publication RELEASED! Discussions of farm data are a hot topic not only in today’s agriculture industry but also in the legal field. The recently published article by Dr. Terry Griffin of Kansas State University and Ashley Ellixson of University of Maryland describes the legal and economic concerns surrounding data ownership and privacy rights. The publication aims to answer the questions around “who owns farm data?”, “what happens when farm data is misappropriated?” and “what can I do to protect my farm’s data?” These questions and many more are swirling around industry, legislatures and Farm Bureaus alike. Until law defines farm data or a court speaks to the protections of such data, experts in the field can only suggest best management practices (both on the farm level and the legal liability level). To read the publication visit

USDA Extends Structure Deadline USDA has announced a one-time 30-day extension for producers to record their business organization structures with USDA to compile with the Actively Engaged in Farming determinations. Producers will now have till July 1 to complete restructuring or finalize an operational change. To learn more about the one-time extension, see To learn more about the changes to Actively Engaged in Farming requirements required by the 2014 Farm Bill, see

Key Considerations in Negotiating a Solar Lease Tiffany Lashmet with Texas A&M and friend of the blog has published a good post on her ag law blog providing an overview of what landowners need to consider when negotiating a solar lease with an energy company. Check out Tiffany’s post here

Last Call for Wind and Solar Energy Workshop For landowners near Chestertown, MD, this is your last call to attend a free wind and solar energy workshop. Workshop will discuss economic issues related to energy leases and legal considerations in negotiating the leases. The workshop is June 7 at Washington College from from 4:30 to 8:30 (food will be provided). For more details on the workshop, see

Recording of Data Webinar Now Available Miss the Legal Issues in Ag Data webinar featuring Ashley Ellixson and Shannon Ferrell last week? The webinar is recorded and available online at This webinar was Part 2 in a webinar series and you can find Part 1 feature Dr. Terry Griffin here

Reminder June 30 is Deadline to Terminate Many Ag Leases Reminder that June 30 is deadline to terminate or renew many farmland leases in Maryland. If you have a written lease, check to see when you need to give notice by. Check out the Ag Leasing in Maryland publication to understand when you need to give notice, and remember there is a form termination letter if needed,

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