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Dairy Risk Management Presentations Available Online

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Robotic milkers at Maryland dairy farm. Image by Edwin Remsberg.
Robotic milkers at Maryland dairy farm. Image by Edwin Remsberg.

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The University of Maryland recently partnered with the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency, and the Risk Management Agency to host dairy risk management workshops around Maryland. The workshops featured a presentation covering the state of Maryland’s cost-share program to cover the cost of the premium for Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC), how DMC operates to protect dairy producers, and a new crop insurance option, Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP), could be utilized in a dairy’s risk management program. Videos of the presentations are now available.

Steve Connelly, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, Maryland Department of Agriculture, covered the cost-share program to assist Maryland dairy producers to cover the premium costs associated with DMC. This cost-share program is available for 2019. To learn more about the program:

Bob Wevodau, Farm Program Chief, Maryland USDA-Farm Service Agency covered the new DMC program which started sign up on June 17, 2019. To learn more about DMC, see:

Jerzy Jaromczyk, Co-Director New York Crop Insurance Education Program, Cornell University, covered the new crop insurance program DRP. To learn more about this program:


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