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Weekly Roundup March 2

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

By Sarah Fielder

The image shows several boxes of zucchini lined up. Photo taken by Edwin Remsberg.

Tyson Poultry Fined $2 Million for Single Fish Kill Event This week Tyson Poultry was fined $2 million, given 2 years probation, and ordered to pay $500,000 in clean up costs. This penalty comes as a result of illegal discharges from a poultry plant in Missouri that caused a single fish kill event. To learn more about the penalty, click here to

Crop Insurance Deadline is Approaching This is a reminder for Delmarva producers that the spring planted crops sales closing date for crop insurance is on March 15. Coverage for corn, cucumbers, forage seeding, fresh market sweet corn, fresh market tomatoes, grain sorghum, processing beans, processing sweet corn, processing tomatoes, soybeans, spring oats, and tobacco is available in select counties in Maryland. Producers should contact their crop insurance agent before the sales closing date to change coverage levels or buy coverage for the first time. To find a crop insurance agent see, https://prodwebnlb.rma.usda.

Federal Judge Halts California’s Roundup Label A federal district court judge has halted a state required label on Roundup. The label based on Proposition 65 had required a cancer warning on Roundup products sold in California. The court viewed the requirement as misleading as applied to Roundup. To read more about the ruling, click here

U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Hear Water Transfer Challenge This week the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the water transfer rule that allows jurisdictions to transfer water between bodies of water without requiring protections against pollution. The Bush-era rule had been challenged by groups arguing that the transfers could cause pollution in clean bodies of water. To read more about this, click here

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