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Weekly Roundup June 23rd

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

By Sarah Fielder

Watermelon growing (Edwin Remsberg).

New UME Publication Available on Equine Leasing Leasing a horse is a common practice, but many owners and those looking to lease a horse often struggle with what needs to go into an equine lease. Sara BhaduriHauck and Paul Goeringer have authored a fact sheet laying out the basics of what should be considered in leasing a horse and a sample lease to aid in developing the lease. To view the publication, see

New MDA & UME Publication Available on Cover Crop Seed Saving The signup period for Maryland’s cover crop program has begun recently. Although planting will not happen until later this fall, MDA and UME have teamed up to develop a short publication explaining the issues associated with using saved seeds to plant the cover crop. In many cases, producers will be limited to utilizing their own saved seeds or no ability to utilize saved seeds based on federal laws. To see the 2-page publication, see

What To Do When ICE Shows Up A recent episode of the podcast Ag Law in the Field highlighted immigration law. This can be a tricky topic for not only employers looking to hire immigrant labor on the farm but also attorneys. The interview featured Sarah Thomas and covered the I-9 process and what to do if ICE shows up. The episode can be found at

Colorado Right-to-Farm Case Decided by Jury Neighbors’ conflict over a laying operation has been decided by a Colorado jury. The jury ruled in favor of a laying operation ruling against the trespass claims brought by a neighboring landowner. To read more about this ruling, see

EU Body Bans Dairy-Style Usages The European Court of Justice ruled in favor of the dairy industry late last week barring plant based butters, milks, and cheeses from using those terminologies in their names. The EU has had regulations in place since 2013 that only allow products made from animal milk to include the terminology of butter, cheese, milk, or yogurt. To read more about this ruling and what it could mean, see

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