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People and the Water Cycle: Where Do We Fit In?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

By Mayhah Suri

Water is the basis of all life on Earth. It is a critical input for agricultural systems and can make or break a harvest. CONSERVE (COordinating Nontraditional Sustainable watER Use in Variable climatEs), a Center of Excellence at the Nexus of Sustainable Water Reuse, Food, and Health, is building on the premise that water reuse holds promise for the agricultural community as water resources are under increasing stress. You can learn more about CONSERVE on the center’s website.

An important part of CONSERVE’s mission is to encourage all water users to consider their role in the water cycle. A new video from CONSERVE emphasizes that humans and human activities like irrigation, food production, food consumption, and water reuse, are an important part of the global water cycle. Please watch and share!



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