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Farm Bill Workshop Recordings Now Available Online

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Combine harvesting grain in Maryland. Image by Edwin Remsberg
Combine harvesting grain in Maryland. Image by Edwin Remsberg

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The University of Maryland recently partnered with the USDA-Farm Service Agency to host Farm Bill workshops around Maryland. The workshops featured a presentation covering an overview of the program changes with the 2018 Farm Bill, New Beginning Farmer and Rancher Initiative and USDA/NRCS Farm Bill Program Updates, Farm Bill decision-making process, and an overview of farm stress and opioid issues in rural Maryland. Videos of the presentations are now available and materials are available here for all the workshops. The signup deadline is March 16 for the first two years.

We did record Buddy Bowling’s presentation but there is an issue with the sound on the recording. We are unable to provide it. The farm stress presentation did not record due to a technical error and that recording is also unable to be provided.

Bob Wevodau, Farm Program Chief, Maryland USDA-Farm Service Agency covered the changes to ARC and PLC programs. To learn more about the changes, see:

Laura Bonilla, Coordinator, University of Maryland, discusses a new program at the University the Rural Opioid Technical Assistance (ROTA) program. To learn more about the program, see:

I discussed how to use the farm bill decision tools and possible scenarios for Maryland. To learn more about the changes, see:

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