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Weekly Roundup July 21st

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

By Sarah Fielder

Image by Edwin Remsberg. The photo shows grapes growing from a tree in a vineyard.

Perdue Releases Animal Welfare Report This week Perdue Farms released their first animal welfare report that details the progress the company is making towards animal welfare goals. Many animal welfare groups applauded the release of the report, but a few animal welfare groups still had concerns. To see the highlights of the report, click here

Settlement Reached in Grazing Case A settlement has been reached in an ongoing dispute that the National Park Services violated the law in renewing leases in the Point Reyes National Seashore. Environmental and wildlife groups sued over the extension of the leases due to dips in the tule elk populations. The settlement allows 20 ranches to continue to utilize the national park for another 5 years and offers protections to the wildlife in the park. To read more about the settlement, click here

Property Ownership Fact Sheet Now Available How property is owned can impact a farm succession plan and an estate plan. To aid property owners in understanding the various ways property can be owned, a new UME fact sheet is now available. The fact sheet, Property Ownership and Transferring Are Important Features of Your Farm Succession Plan by Paul Goeringer (UME FS-1056) is available at

Cecil County Council Creates Poultry House Committee This week the Cecil County Council voted to create a council to study and make recommendations on large-scale poultry houses in the county. The 10-member committee will feature membership from the county farm bureau, county health department, Delmarva Poultry Industries, the county schools, and the local communities. To learn more about the committee, click here

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