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USDA Releases 2021 County Rental Rates for Maryland

Aerial image of grain being harvested by Edwin Remsberg
Aerial image of grain being harvested by Edwin Remsberg

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Each year, the National Agricultural Statistic Service (NASS) releases county rental rate data based on surveys. NASS collects this data from 240,000 farms across the United States annually through the Cash Rent Survey - data used by other agencies throughout USDA. The survey results give us an idea of what other tenants in the area may be paying per acre for farmland. That county rental rate data is now available online here and you can find additional information on agricultural leasing here. I would like to thank Serena Newton, Research Assistant, and Elizabeth Thilmany, Faculty Specialist, for the work in updating the tables.

The updated data includes statewide and county rental rates for non-irrigated cropland, irrigated cropland, and pastureland visualized in a moving-average line graph from 2011-2021. As well as cash rental rates (2011-2021) for non-irrigated land by county and Ag district, irrigated land by Ag district and the counties in the Lower and Eastern Shore Districts, and pastureland by Ag district and counties in the North Central and Western ag districts. For 2021, NASS did not provide an ag district average for Maryland.


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