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Top Ten Publication Downloads and Posts for Week of August 30

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Corn Field (Photo by Edwin Remsberg).

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend. Curious what you have been reading on this site, the Crop Insurance Education Program’s website, and the Agriculture Law Education Initiative website? Here are the top 10 posts for this site for the week of August 30:

Top 10 Crop Insurance Education Program’s publication downloads for the week of August 30:

  1. 2014 Changes For Organic Crop Insurance by Paul Goeringer and Lori Lynch;

  2. Crop Insurance Primer by Howard Leathers and Paul Goeringer;

  3. Federal Crop Insurance is Part of Farm Safety Net for Maryland Potato Producers by Sudeep Mathew, Paul Goeringer, and Lori Lynch; and

Top 10 publication downloads for the Agriculture Law Education Initiative for the week of August 30:

  1. Legal Services Directory by the MSBA’s Agriculture Law Section;

  2. Generic Liability Waiver Form by Ashley Newhall and Kathleen Tabor;

  3. Legal Liability of Saving Seeds in an Era of Expiring Patents by Paul Goeringer and Estate Planning for Farm Families: Updated for 2014 by Lori Lynch, Wes Musser, and Paul Goeringer (we had a tie).

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