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New Report Highlights Legal Challenges Facing Maryland’s Agricultural Community

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Lake surrounded by grass and forest (Photo by Edwin Remsberg).

The Maryland agricultural community is facing a diverse and complex set of legal challenges, Paul Goeringer, Wanding Zhang, Lori Lynch, Stephan Tubene, and Will Pons offer a recently published report with the results of a legal needs assessment for the state’s agricultural sector – the first of its kind in Maryland.

Report titled Understanding the Diverse Legal Needs of the Maryland Agricultural Community.

The needs assessment is based on 26 structured interviews conducted with leaders from the agricultural industry and state government. University of Maryland Extension faculty working with agricultural producers were also surveyed for their input on a variety of legal needs. To date, Illinois is the only other state to complete a comparable survey on the subject.

The report is now available online at here.

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