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What's That Smell: Understanding Modern Agriculture and What Officials Need to Know Online Course

Image of cattle in field, then woman holding poultry, then grapes on the vine, and a planter planting cover crops.  Images by Edwin Remsberg

Image of cattle in the field, then a woman holding poultry, then grapes on the vine, and a planter planting cover crops.  Images by Edwin Remsberg

The University of Maryland Extension (UME) is creating a free 5 module online training course to educate county and state officials on agricultural practices involving the grain, forage, dairy, and poultry industries and at the same time, cover basic legal issues impacting Maryland agricultural producers. 

The course modules are instructed by notable speakers apart of the University of Maryland Extension, including Dr. Nicole Fiorellino, Dr. Amanda Grev, Dr. Jon Moyle, Dr. Sarah Potts, and Dr. Paul Goeringer. This online course is for state and county officials, including administrative law judges (ALJs), members of county Agricultural Reconciliation Boards, zoning and planning officials, and county commissioners and council members to provide information about Maryland’s grain industry and its interconnectedness to the dairy and poultry industries. Officials would also gain an overview of the state’s right-to-farm law and the role that counties play in that law.

To register for the course, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create an Associated Account with the University of Maryland, by clicking here.

  2. Login in to to activate the account.

  3. Once an Associated Account is created and activated by logging in, please email and let us know your email.

  4. Once we get that, we will register you for the course.  Please be advised that it may take us a day to enroll you in the course.

Thank you to the Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board Grant #2021415 for funding this work.

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