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Understanding Agricultural Liability: Premise’s Liability


You face many risks in your farming operation, including weather, crop prices, and environmental issues beyond your control. If you own or lease farmland, you also may encounter the liability risks associated with individuals coming on to your land, whether invited or not.


You can take steps to limit your potential liability by understanding your legal obligation or duty to protect visitors and other third parties from foreseeable harm. You also will need to know to whom you owe the duty and what duty others may owe to you. Steps you can take to limit your liability include obtaining insurance, procuring releases, and providing warnings. You should work with a licensed attorney in your area and your insurance agent to identify the tools that will work best for you.


Regardless of the steps taken, however, you cannot eliminate 100 percent of your liability, but you can reduce your exposure to some existing liability and limit potential costs.


Understanding Agricultural Liability: Premise’s Liability

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